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glattax AKA sofia, 26 year old living in sweden. i generate art, music, character design, world building and other similar things. underneath you can click the hearts to read about more specific things about me and my crafts! i also have a FAQ sections in each one.for commissions go to my commission site!

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about me

⛅ they/them 🍰 sweden 🍓 26 yrs 🍬 white 🌂

im sofia! i live in sweden somewhere outside of stockholm. my birthday is in april and i was born when our cherry trees were in full bloom. im disabled and work at an art workshop through out the week. i like to go on walks in parks and the wild, eat at cafes and go shopping. when im at home i watch a lot of videos on youtube, play games on PC or Switch and recently i picked up coding.


fave game genres are deck builders, survival, open world, simulation, apocalypse RPGs and FPSs. ABSOLUTE favorite genre is rouge-lites.

game series 
🍒the legend of zelda🍋pikmin
🍌super mario🍇the sims


i watch youtube vids the most and movies the least. i love cartoons, they tend to be short while having unique art directions. i love musicals but haven't seen many.

toons, musical & YT 
🍓steven universe🍑avatar, ATLA
🍏naruto🥝fun home
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my art

mainly i draw, but i do other art forms as well. my favorite medium is mixed media both digitally and traditionally, for traditional i like to use trash or unused things a lot. favorite sculpting technique is tin foil/clay/paper mache mix, foil in center clay for details and paper mache for outer layer. i also like sewing, right now i mostly sew bags and such at work.


i've been drawing digital art since 2009 and i draw using the same wacom bamboo MTE-450 tablet i started with as it hasn't died yet. my main uploading site for now is twitter.

drawing 🎨editing 🔍animation 🎬3D 🧱
clip studio paintclip studio paintgraphicsgalemagicalsketch 3D
paint tool SAIphotoshop (C26)photoshop (C26)paint 3D
photoshop (C26)paint tool SAIgimp 2.10.32...

quick FAQ

Q: how do you make your pixels so big?A: i zoom in on the canvas and then I printscreen it. then i paste the printscreen into a new canvas and edit it. sometimes I change the resolution instead (this works in clip studio paint, photoshop and ...gimp) by changing it to double or triple the size of the original canvas.Q: could you make a tutorial about X?A: probably no, it takes way too much time and energy the way i do it. but i can always give tips through text if you ask!

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my music

i make music sometimes and i upload it on soundcloud. i am always making music but i don't upload 80% of it. i make both traditional and digital music, i play the piano and guitar for sing song composition most of the time. i have done lots of short compositions on my piano that then become full digital songs.

programs & samples

i use fruitloop studio for my digital music. for samples, most samples i use are either made by me, downloaded 10+ years ago or in my free sound history. now i basically get all my samples from there if i can't record and edit them myself.

composition 🎼editing & recording 🔊mic 🎤
fruitloop studio 11: fruity edition v11.1.0audacityblue nessie

quick FAQ

Q: have you stopped making/uploading music?A: no, i just have a hard time finishing songs now a days. :oO

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commissions + art trades

quick FAQ

any art commission info can be found on my commission site, with schedule and other info on my trello!Q: are your commissions open?A: check out the commission site for that info!Q: do you do song commissions?i haven't done that in a long time but im up for it. DM me!Q: how much does your pixel isometric rooms cost?A: im not offering those rooms for commission at the moment. reasons are:1. i don't have up to date examples.
2. they would be very expensive.
3. im not sure i could handle such a workload at the moment.
i want to be able to do isometric pixel rooms for commissions, but i need to practise and do a lot of trial of error before i can do that. thank you for your interest! 🤍Q: are your art trades open?nope!

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